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College Recruiting Tips

The following local people have recruiting experience and are willing to answer questions regarding the process:

  • Tom Frane:  
  • Chris LaPlante:  
  • Alex Smith:  
  • Jeff Winkler:  



  • Realities and Resources for College Recruiting (from BlueChipLax.com) - here
  • College coach directory and other tools (from BlueChipLax.com) - here
  • Get Recruited in Five Easy Steps (from Trevor Tierney) - here
  • LaxPower Recruiting Guide:
    • Intro - here
    • Scholarships - here
    • College research - here
    • Recruiting process - here
    • Resources - here
  • ​​​NCSA Recruiting Guide - here




Purchase the "Face-Off Yearbook". It lists info on every D1, D2, D3, and Club program. Buy here.

Compile a list of colleges you are interested in attending: 
Factors/standards to evaluate:

  • Admission Standards
  • Available Majors and Course of Studies
  • Level of Lax Program
  • Total Costs

Categories of colleges to consider:

  • Stretch - hope you will be accepted
  • Realistic - expect you will be accepted
  • Sure Bet - know you will be accepted

Notify your high school coach of your interest in these colleges

  • Determine if they know the coaches at any of these colleges
  • Ask them to contact the coaches by phone, letter email and at coach's conferences. Your HS coaches can assist you in the recruiting process, but they can't do it all. Most of the work is up to you!

Contact the lacrosse coaches at the colleges you are interested in so you can get on their prospect list. 

  • Contact by letter (avoid form letters - customize them), email or phone (D1 coaches cannot call you back if they miss your phone call until after July 1st of your junior summer).  Coaches like to talk to players so they can get to know the players.  You can make unlimited calls to the coaches. 
  • Maintain contact via letters or emails.  Give them ample advance notice if you are planning a trip to their college on your own dollar so they can make arrangements to have you stay with a member of the lacrosse team, tour the campus, attend a few classes and practices. Follow up!
  • Create a highlight video to send. No more than 5 minutes in length.
  • You can take unlimited trips to colleges on your dollar, but you are limited to five trips if a college pays for the trip.  It is very helpful to visit and talk with members of the lacrosse team to get a realistic and accurate evaluation of the coach and the program.  Coaches rely on input from host players and if they are negative regarding a prospect then the coach will probably remove the prospect from his recruiting list.
  • Be prepared to discuss your GPA and test scores (ACT, SAT). Most coaches will want you to send them copies of your transcripts. Take the tests as early as possible so that you have the results to discuss by the end of your junior year. 

Many D1 programs only offer scholarship money to players who they know will contribute to the program.  With only 12.5 scholarships available for the entire team, partial scholarships are offered only to starters or players who get a lot of playing time.  Many D1 colleges expect you to earn a scholarship after you have committed to attending the college.  D1 teams usually maintain a roster of 40 plus players and usually recruit about 10-12 players per year.

If you transfer from one four-year college to another four-year college you have to sit out a year unless your former college coach releases you from this requirement.