Lobo Lacrosse Boosters support Rocky Mountain HS boys lacrosse.

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Create a powerful recruitment tool, or document an incredible season with an individual, varsity player highlight video.

  • 3-4 minute average length - High Definition - music bed (no game audio)
  • Title card with Athlete stats, profile, and a short soundbite
  • Athlete highlighted on-screen for easy identification
  • Coach soundbite included at end, accompanied by Athlete contact info or additional stats
  • Streaming Vimeo link you can share with anyone, anywhere - or embed on websites

Highlights sourced from 2017 Rocky Mountain HS Lacrosse game film. We will work with you, game-by-game, throughout the season, to identify possible highlights for inclusion. You will receive a rough cut of highlights via steaming link, where you can annotate the type, order, and number of highlights for your final cut. Rough cut links will begin going out immediately following the season. Turnaround times for final cut may vary.

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