Lobo Lacrosse Boosters support Rocky Mountain HS boys lacrosse.

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FCU LAX Boosters Meeting Notes

January 6, 2015


Current Fundraisers:


King Sooper Cards - Susan Foran has final numbers for rebates through December.  This can be deducted from spring tuition.  It was proposed that we communicate with the U14 teams immediately that they can buy KS cards now that will start earning money towards their spring registration next year. 


Program Sponsors – Sponsorships are now being collected for our Official FCU Lax Program.  There is a link to this sponsorship on fculax.com under Boosters.  There will be a meeting on Tuesday night at Dazbog’s Coffee in the Front Range Village to discuss how to acquire sponsorships.  Thank you to Ted Kravec for organizing this meeting!


Socks – We need to sell approximately 100 more pairs at $15 to break even.  Anything more is profit.  This project seems to be going really well!  Thanks to Tom Frane and Lisa Spence.


Other Fundraising Options – Hope Frane proposed selling yard signs for the players.  If we can sell 50 signs we can earn $730 for the program.


Social Events:


January – Guys Social Night this Monday, January 12th  at Mulligan’s Pub for the CFP Championship Game.  RSVP


February - Face Off Dinner


Team Events:


March - Team Dinners


April - Viper Pride Day


May - Senior Night and Awards Night


Other Items Discussed:


Pre Season Baseline Concussion Screening


Finding Team Parents


Building Relations with the Youth Program





December  3rd, 2004  Boosters Meeting Notes


Location:  The Garlic Knot


1) Communication.  The meeting started with a discussion of recent measures to increase communication between the coaches, the board of directors and parents.  The following has been accomplished since our last meeting:


            a)  Marty Drybread on the BOD sends out a weekly email with information from the Boosters, the coaches and the BOD.  All parents at the Boosters meeting felt this was a great improvement and appreciated the communication.  Thanks Marty!


            b)  The website now includes information regarding equipment, season schedules, etc. under the FAQ page. 



2) Fund Raising      


            a.) Socks are still available to purchase on the website. 


            b.) King Soopers cards – Susan Foran is organizing the King Soopers accounts and the tracking.  Kris will ask Susan to get numbers to parents by the end of this month.  Accounts will need to be cleared out at the end of January to pay for the upcoming Spring Season.


            c.) 2015 Season Program – Kris Baer conducted a program meeting.  The final advertisement for sponsorship is now on the website.  For the month of December, sponsorships will be advertised on the website only.  After the holidays, we will hold a meeting to discuss going door to door to solicit sponsors.


            d.)  Other fundraising ideas that we will begin after the holiday break are yard signs and a race open to the community.   


3) Parental Involvement


            a.)Lisa Spence and Christine Winkler are hosting a gingerbread activity in their home this month. 


            b.) Adam Higdon has volunteered to host a poker night for January.


4)  Other:


            a.)  Tom Frane is going to work with the Coloradoan, 9 News and the Denver Post to increase coverage of our games.


            b.)  It was decided to have the Face Off Dinner in February be a potluck to save our funds.  The date has not been set yet but it will be held at FRHS.  It was discussed that a microphone should be used.  Also, the Varsity players should be introduced at the beginning of the season at this dinner. 


            c.)  Kris Baer is going to communicate with all of the high schools to encourage them to announce all of  our games through:  their emails, website and student daily announcements. 


            d.) Kris Baer will also talk to the BOD about the Varsity Team having a home field.




November  3rd, 2004  Boosters Meeting Notes


Location:  The Garlic Knot


Attending: Hope Frane, Heather West, Elizabeth Champlain, Susan Foran, Lisa Spence, Christine Winkler, Kris Baer


1) Communication.  The meeting started with a discussion of how to increase communication between the coaches and the parents.  Many parents feel they do not have the information that they need regarding:  session dates, uniform standards, team expectations, etc.  The Boosters came up with 3 ways to increase communication.

            a.) It was decided that a questionnaire would be sent out to parents asking them about their questions or concerns.  Hope Frane will compose the questions.  After we assess what information would be helpful and essential for parents and players to know, a FCU HS Lax Manual could be produced.   Jim Drop contacted Kris this week wanting to be more involved.  Kris Baer will talk to him about this project. 

            b.) It was suggested that a weekly email be sent out to parents with new information for that week, as well as a reminders that are ongoing.  The Vipers Youth Program currently does this and would be a good model to follow. 

            c.) The information that is in the manual, should also be available on the website so that families always have access to the information, especially those parents deciding whether or not to join or are new to the program.


2) Fund Raising.  It was decided that more social events would unite the parents and increase support for our fund raising needs.  Monthly events would be the goal.  Hope Frane has offered to host a girl’s night on November 14th at her home at 7 PM.  She will compose an email for this event.     

            a.) Socks – Lisa Spence is going to work with Tom Frane and the youth program for this fundraiser. 

            b.) King Soopers cards – Susan Foran is organizing the King Soopers accounts and the tracking.  This is turning out to be a very large project since she is creating a new tracking system, which is more efficient than has been used for several years.

            c.) 2015 Season Program – Kris Baer will hold a planning meeting at the Garlic Knot on November 10th at 6:30 to discuss this project.

            d.) Jewelry Night – Chris Winkler is going to get more information regarding hosting this event.  It could be held at Kris Baer’s home.  Ideas included were selling to moms and also having an open night where boys could buy for their moms, using a wish list.

            e.) Kris Baer will speak with the District Athletic Director, Ron Alexander, to find out how the HS Lax program can receive more funding. 

            f.) Chris Winkler makes gingerbread cookies at Christmas time.  She is going to figure out how many she could make for the boys to sell this season. 


Other ideas for fundraising discussed were:  Selling snacks at the games, daddy daughter dance, mother and son activities.


3) Parental Involvement.  It was decided that more social opportunities can increase parental support of the Boosters and overall involvement with the program.  The next two social events will be the girl’s night at the Frane’s home and a jewelry party for the moms in December.  Also, Kris can be better at communication with more specific information regarding what will be discussed at the meetings and making assignments for responsibilities.  Several parents contacted Kris Baer wanting to come to the meeting but couldn’t make it.  I will contact these parents to let them know of the need for a Secretary and the Program meeting.


4)  Susan Foran has agreed to be the Treasurer for the Boosters as well as manage the King Soopers Accounts.  




Action Items:


Kris Baer:       Compose and email Boosters Meeting Notes to Parents.

                        Bring Boosters communication to FCU Board Meeting next week.

                        Report Board communication back to parents.

                        Organize 2015 Season Program Meeting and continue working on sponsorships.

                        Plan next Boosters Meeting date and place and post on website and email to parents.

                        Change King Soopers information to Susan Foran on website.

                        Talk with Tom Drop about organizing a manual for the program.

                        Meet with Ron Alexander.


Susan Foran:  Continue organizing the King Soopers accounts and Boosters account.


Hope Frane:   Organize and invite mothers to social on November 14th.

                        Compose questionnaire for parents regarding information they are looking for and what                            they would like to see in the program.


Lisa Spence:   Work with Tom Frane on the Vipers sock project.


Chris Winkler:Set up the jewelry event.

                        Find out how many gingerbread houses you can construct.







October 2nd, Boosters Meeting Notes



The meeting began with a discussion of our current goals to raise funds, in hopes of lowering the cost of the lacrosse program for families. 


1) Right now, the King Soopers cards seem to be the most efficient way to offset the cost.  This project has the most parental support.  Information for the cards is on the website along with Kris’ contact information.


2) Kris is working on putting a Fort Collins Unified Lacrosse 2015 Season Program together with team pictures and schedules and companies will pay to advertise in the program.  Sugar suggested that we include in the price of advertisement, an ad on the webpage right now since the program will not be available until the spring. Skillman photography takes our team and individual pictures and might be a potential customer for an ad. Kris will work on creating an example of a program so that players can begin to sell the advertisements.  This should be done in one week. 


3) Lisa reported on the dinner night at the Garlic Knot.  She will start working with Fuzzy’s Tacos.  Dinner nights here would involve the team players working in the restaurant.  They would make money from selling brownies, provided by the restaurant, and by tips.  This seems to be a great way to get the boys involved. 


4) The players can work at the car wash in the spring, at Lemay and Mulberry, and earn a percentage of the profits. 


5) Lisa is going to start working on organizing cookie dough sales.  Buckets are $12 and the player gets $5 back for each bucket he sells. 


6) Kris has contacted PSD several times to learn more about the process through which individual sports programs gain financial support.  If she does not hear back by next week, she will visit the office in person. 


Sugar talked about the Varsity Spring Break trip.  It will be in Idaho and on the tail end of spring break.  The tournament is Friday and Saturday.


It was decided that student Team Managers could be a great benefit to the program.  They could assist with filming, advertisement of games, and taking stats.  Sheri is going to look into this. 


The next Boosters Meeting will be on Monday, November 3rd at 6:30 at The Garlic Knot.  We are hoping that a restaurant location and a later time might increase our attendance.