Fort Collins Lacrosse supports Rocky Mountain HS boys lacrosse.

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King Soopers Rewards Program
-Because of privacy rights associated with your King Soopers loyalty card, I will no longer receive a detailed statement with your card number and credits.  You should receive a statement quarterly through your King Soopers account, not sure if they will email it to you or if you will have to access it on your online account?  I will need you to send me this statement so I can track your individual credits.  I will not be able to know who has credits without this statement.  Also, it will be easy to have family members and friends enroll their cards to support your player, but I will also need you to send me their statements.  Since this could be a very overwhelming situation for me on my end. I am asking each family to gather all the statements for their player and send them to me in one email.  We will be giving you 4 weeks to send me your statements after each quarterly earning period.
Earning Periods
April 1- June 30 
July 1- September 30
October 1- December 31
(I will have statements and credits from January 1- March 31)
-If you do not track your credits, do not want to, or don't send me your statements within four weeks after receiving them, the rewards earned will just go into the boosters general fund to pay down lax fees and costs for the program.  Which is still a great way to lower costs and support Lobo Lax, but your player will not receive an individual credit at the end of the year. 
-Individuals will not get personal checks written to them.  This has been a highly debated subject within the organization and boosters committee.  At the end of the day we need to stay within the parameters of being a nonprofit organization and within the intentions and rules of the King Soopers Community Rewards program.  The rewards will be applied to boosters fees and Spring Break trip.  If you have a credit after all the fees are paid the remaining credit will go into the general fund for boosters program.  
This is actually an easy way to make some good money for the program or your individual player and it only takes minutes to enroll.
Two ways to participate:
  1. Enroll your King Soopers loyalty card online use your loyalty card/phone number during check out and earn 5% for the program, no need to do anything else.
  2. Enroll your King Soopers loyalty card online use your loyalty card/phone number during check out and earn 5% for your individual player by sending me your quarterly statement.
‚ÄčTo enroll:
Simply visit the appropriate link below:
-Click on Savings and Rewards
-There will be a drop down- Click on King Soopers Community Rewards
-Click on enroll
-Sign in to your king Soopers account or create an account 
-Search for our program by putting in code NN364 The program that comes up should say Fort Collins Unified Boys High School Lacrosse (this code can be shared with family or friends who want to support the program or your individual player)
-Then enroll