Fort Collins Lacrosse supports Rocky Mountain HS boys lacrosse.

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Lobos Lacrosse Boosters Board Meeting Minutes, May 21, 2019


Call to Order: 6:08 Garlic Knot

Present: Greg Evans, Gabi Larkin, Allison Leatherman, Bryan Vasseur, Ericka Lake, Shanna Hintz, Leah Selvage, Tricia Diehl, Lisa Spence, Rob Deakin

Uniforms: Mostly turned in, Cam has pinnies from FCUL they used in offseason. We need to send an email out to get them back from kids.

Pinnies email:

Rob will send out an email telling kids to please turn in their pinnies.

Black and white, and red and white. In addition to pinnies, we want parents to know when they will hear from us again.

Look for information at the end of the summer.

Treasurer’s Report: Allison Leatherman

We need to see where we made money and lost money.

Lost money on Grand Junction and Spring Break. Should use the expenses from this year to determine fees for next year.

We are still trying to determine how King Soopers Funds will be allocated.

We need to become our own entity regarding Non Profit status. We want Non Profit status so we can raise money and call it tax deductible for people who donate money. Gabi will begin process next week.

President’s Report: Greg Evans

Banquet went well aside from not every player being recognized.

Assistant coaches fired: He counseled his son that this is something beyond his control and he needs to accept it and move on.

He’s got a good handle on what a Booster Organization should do. Should keep fees low, do nice things. Has a cookbook that he passed along to Gabi.

We need to work with the coach and have a weekly newsletter for communicating important information. Bryan V volunteered to communicate with coach regarding funding and other needs of the program.

We don’t need a uniform change. (Unless PSD buys the uniforms.) We have uniforms that have never been worn. We need to ask Sean Terry when we’re going to get new uniforms.

We should keep the Booster Fee, Meal Fee, but waive the program fee.

Boosters should provide relief for families who need it and are willing to put in the work. King Soopers cards as an example.

Communications: We need to have a job description for this position.

Greg Evans Moves that officers be put in place:

Board agrees unanimously on officers: (Will finalize with vote at parent meeting.)

President: Gabi Larkin, Vice President: Lisa Spence, Secretary: Rob Deakin, Treasurer: Allison Leatherman,

Still need: Communications Director, who can quickly relay information from the coach to families.


Meeting Adjourned at 7:30



Lobos Lacrosse Boosters Meeting, 1/16/2018


Call to order 7:05


Chad Wangeline, Greg Evans, Aaron & Rita Santini, Leah Salvage, Doug & Cindy Groff, Steve Balmer, Karla Pasetti Lisa Spence, Rob Deakin

Get ready for Parent Meeting on February 5th. Officers:

Greg Evans, President

Allison Leatherman, Treasurer

Communications, Lisa Spence

Secretary, Rob Deakin


In the offseason: AD Sean Terry has put a lot of responsibility on coaches and they have done a good job.

Player packs: Gojos is double checking current orders. Some items haven’t come in. We will reopen the store soon so new items can be ordered.

Website: Lisa added the events calendar on the bottom. If you see something, double check the calendar. Let Lisa know if you need anything on social media or on the website.

We will need to register online through the RMHS website this year. Do it carefully to avoid mistakes, which prolong the process.

They might be putting release times for buses going to games on the RMHS website

Spring Break:

Varsity schedule is set. Nobody wants to add a game over spring break. We couldn’t get any C or JV games either. We could go to Colorado College clinic in Colorado Springs. We could go watch a Colorado College scrimmage. Coach Dom would like to know that the boys want to do so they can practice together either here all week, or here part of the week then go to C. Springs for Friday and Saturday, come home Saturday night.


Practice Wed-Saturday here, or practice Wed Thursday here, Springs Friday Saturday, leave Friday morning come home Saturday night. Should be $150-$200.  Board voted to go to Colorado Springs.

PSD Fees have gone up: $150 + $180

Kickoff Dinner March 1: Trisha Deal is running the kickoff dinner. We will have some silent auction items there. Try to raise $2K? 6 pm Friday. Potluck. Kids eat first, parents eat, captains stand up and talk, introduce coaches and AD. At 7 pm boys go to gym to pick up jerseys and get pictures taken. Parents will then do silent auction. How can we keep parents here? Door prizes, hats t-shirts.

Kick Off Dinner Addendum from Email:

6 pm Set up pot luck at RMHS in cafeteria

7pm Start buffet for parents and kids as they come in. Some booster announcements

7-7:45pm uniform hand out and pictures on bleachers in Gym. Kids eat in waves as they get done.

8pm AD invite to talk about eligibility, followed by captains and coach comments. Hope to finish by 9pm including clean up.


We have approximately $6k going into the year. We have a variety of things that we will spend that on.


Steve Balmer: Suggests we open the GoJo’s store for gear/player pack items asap so there’s time. Open the store from January 18th-31st. Gloves are on backorder. Get white gloves somewhere else. Helmets are possibly going to be black next year, and Lisa Spence is getting a group of former seniors to sell their white helmets this year. There is a chance we’re going to change helmet colors next year. You need to have a safe approved helmet. There is a place where you can test helmets. You can check the date on the inside of each helmet. Maybe get a black helmet and use a white wrap. For now we’re doing a white helmet order. We are also going to get white wraps for $35. We will purchase some helmets to sell.

Let us know if you have a Cascade R or X, that needs a wrap, and we’ll order one for you.


Shanna Hinz had to leave but we’ll be doing  $500, $250, and $125 sponsors for the program. She will have program done by March 25th. Deadline for sponsors, March 1st.


King Soopers cards, had $95K loaded onto cards. Total Rebate: $4775.67

As of now King Soopers funds can be used for: Booster dues, (not PSD fees), spring break, fall ball, or anything that you register for on the website. Funds carry over from year to year. It was a general consensus that in the future any leftover funds when the last player in the family graduates will be donated to the scholarship fund.

Junior/Youth Day: Monday, March 25. Invite Vipers and Havoc to our game, give them free food and let them scrimmage at half time.

Tailgate and Senior Night: Friday April 26th.


Chick Fil-A can do a fundraiser where we can buy a box meal and resell for a profit. She is waiting for a response from her contact to see if they have any flexibility with their prices. Maybe we can try to get a deal from them for every home game.


Are we going to to a Tuesday newsletter? We’ll probably do this.

Action Items:

Greg will send an Email about parent meeting, Gojo’s player packs, helmet info

Boosters does not do scholarships. If you need a scholarship, you can apply on the fcu Lax site. If you’re on free and reduced lunch, you can apply through PSD to get a waiver for all PSD fees.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:30



Lacrosse Parent Meeting

11/14/18 @ Fort Collins High School


Coach Dom described the hiring process for spring coaches

Coaches currently on staff (two more to be hired):

     Domenic Alfieri - Head Coach          John Beleau - Defensive (Varsity)

     Ted - Strength Coach                         Carey Smith 

     Ryan Sanders                                     Dan Winega                 


Booster Club is only associated with Lobos Lacrosse throughout the Spring Season, which officially begins on February 25th, 2019. Everything Lobos Lacrosse during off season is run through the nonprofit corportation FCU (Fort Collins Unified). This 501c3 pays for coaches, pennies, space rented, etc. during our preseason training and conditioning.    

During the fall season PSD let us use their fields as long as the coaches were unpaid.

Expenses for Spring; See Document under Boosters Tab

SPRING BREAK TRIP will be open to ALL players. It will be March 20 - 23 in Colorado Springs. The intent of the spring break trip is to provide an intense practice and bonding environment for the team to get them ready for the grueling compacted lacrosse game schedule they face this season. Anticipated cost is $600. The spring break trip is not mandatory this year but it will be next year.

First game of the season is Monday, 3/20 against Thompson Valley. That's the first day we return from Spring Break. 


As we head into our spring season there are many Booster activities, fundraisers and jobs that need filling! We lost a group of incredibly supportive families last year (graduated) and hope to find another team of great leaders in the Booster Club this year. It's a fun way to meet other lacrosse families and to enhance your son's experience on and off the field. The Boosters provide a lot of necessary items for the program that the district funding does not cover. Without it, the RMHS Lobos won't have the tools to be the powerhouse they strive to be. Please visit the BOOSTERS TAB and check out the Documents section for Booster Positions and Volunteer Opportunities to find that perfect role for YOU this season!


LAX Board Meeting, 8/16/18 

7:03 Meeting start time


Coach Domenic-Philosophy, wish list, what’s the plan?


Boys in weight room: i.e. M, W weights/T, Th on the field, F optional for weights

Fall Ball Dawson League Saturday games- September and October

M-Th between 5-9pm

Ironside gym?

Need Speed and Agility training

Weights really important to Dom

Tracking food-Macros

Boy’s nutrition is important!

Need to get into Fall Ball NOW!

Boys Lacrosse IQ is low we need to do lots of work.



Winter practicing as much as possible. Instructional/understanding the game.

Been hard to find fields.

Players OK to miss if you’re playing a sport but not ok to just be sitting around

Word on the street is FTC run their HS program like a recreational program.

Cheaper in the long run if we get these programs set won’t have to go to Denver Elite or FCA **unless prospecting or showcasing.



5280: October 13/14

Wheatridge: JV and 2 Varsity teams October 20/21


Sunday CHSSA?

Fall ball is separate

Spring season is super condensed


Spring Break-Texas?, Steamboat? Fort Collins?

Need to play 4A

Thompson Valley is good!


Dom IDEA: Master Schedule to Shawn add girls as a double header

Bring HS girls to Steamboat


Booster Club Rules: Non profit org.

Fort Collins Unified Lacrosse 501c3 5 years/How can we call ourselves a booster and a non-profit?

Can we do this by 9/8?

How does PSD HS Hockey do it?


Right now its touches, touches, touches and profiling of players, you scored but did you see the guy by the crease?

Want players who can read the field and react! Working the ball in closer!

Larry H asked should we hire Bonnie to run fall ball? NO

Coach Dom wants Sports Engine not League Athletics.

* Golf Tournament fundraiser?

* Coach will meet with Freshman

* Mrs. Santini taking over King Soopers cards

* Lobos Spirit night at the Garlic Knot 9/19 20% of Profits for LAX all day if mentioned.


Lobos Lax Booster Board Meeting Minutes March 28

Attended: Erika, Greg, Rob, Steve, Michelle, Shanna, Carla

* last minute change meeting held in Greg’s offices

Secretary arrived at 7:12 pm

* Suggestion to have a parent liaison for communication purposes after rough week with Denver game cancelations.

Treasurer’s report:

Evening fundraiser $6742.18 raised. Cost $4436.80 Net approx. $2500

Comments: 1st auction, very fun, tickets were hard to find on website, we need more corporate sponsors.


Programs Sales $3800 Goal is $5600 Cost $800. Spring Booster Fees $7370.52 Legal and professional fees $675 paid to Sherry Kirkwood (Coach Chris’ girlfriend).

Still need to pay coaches for Winter ball and Pre-season camp. Have money need to know how much each coach gets. Waiting for Chris.

GoFund me need to promote more


Committee report

Program 1st draft of program April 7th. Shanna will finish this week.

Lax travel food $753.00

Concessions $300 spent by Jim and Sue Drop.

Use the square for concessions. Collection jar for Steven Doyle he gets about $250/month (has been awarded a scholarship for lax)

Auction fundraiser Great volunteers! We had 40+ Auction items

It was decided to do this event in February, sell more tickets and get more donations next time.

Spring Break kids came back tired (some had food poisoning) was it worth $1400? Boys so tired they never went to the pool in AZ. Back lash from parents. What are we going to do with Spring Break? What do other NOCO teams do? What about something in Denver? Could we hire some coaches for the break? We never know what the teams are yet and that makes things awkward.


April 7th – Tailgate activities at Rocky near concessions people use concessions to eat.


Rich suggested Parent liaisons for communication C-team Rob? JV? V?


Senior night last home game 4/28/18 12pm JV and 2 pm V



Booster Board Meeting Agenda Feb 7

Call to order 7pm FRHS, room location w104

Minutes approval last meeting


A Player – was going to drop out of school. Coach talked him into playing and staying. Discussion to request donations from lax community to help with his financial obligations (rent, etc) so that he can stay in school and participate in lacrosse.

Committee Reports:   

                                  Spring Break - Greg

            District made payment to Trilogy. Airline is paid. Negotiated price down.

            One game scheduled with Hun Academy and another east coast team and Berkshire. Only a few kids gave room preferences. Talked to Chris about recruiting one more player, reduce coaches by one.

                        Paid  30,400 Trilogy

                                 12,800 southwest

            Spring break trip: $42,000 total – need one more kid to break even. $525 for bus trip to paintball. $40 per kid for paintball. – personal expense? Leave after lunch and get back in time for dinner so we don’t have to feed kids during the excursion.

Board voted to pay paintball fee for all players on SB trip, in addition to the bus expense for their travel to and from.

                                    Program - Sue or Shanna or Greg

Printer – Greg found who instead of buying an ad, will print 150 programs for free! Graphic design guy said he could put it all together for $400 – getting all of the logos, ads, etc. Greg to email the names to Shanna.

6 ads so far – Associates of Family Medicine, Journey Homes – Full page ad!

            Need to confirm email addresses for current members and get weekly emails out to request ads.

Shanna needs help calling past advertisers. We need more advertisers!

                                    Dueling Pianos - Steve or Gretel

            Deposit for pianos made - $2000 total. Planned for 150 attendees (budget).

            Need volunteers for set up. Steve will be in charge of donation collection.

            Doors open at 6:00. Pianos go 6-8. Cash bar and food. 3-4 bartenders

Stop bidding at 8. Need 3 or 4 cashiers. Entry fee ($6000) should cover

            Paypal, paper tickets, pay through the website . . . Square readers.

Vipers EMAIL addresses . . . PDF for Dinner to go out in email and post on website. Carla?

                                    Volunteer lists for committees- Stacey

Back sheet of Agenda packet.

            Sign-ups at Parent Meeting

Review of budget and fees - Ericka to start discussion with projections

Treasurer’s report

26 kids paying full for spring break

2 kids are each paying half

2 kids are full scholarship

$1000 Duala fees

31 kids, possibility of 32

29 paying kids?????

  • Dismissed Game film discussion

Vote approved $1600 for coach’s administrative assistant (girlfriend)

Removed $100 “fee” from spring registration – will refund money to families who have already paid the fee.

Added $35 spring camp fee. It is required by CHSSA that we charge for this. It is considered a pre-season practice if we have coaches on the field with players prior to the season, which would be a violation of CHSSA rules.

Vote approved player Kick-Off Dinner at Colindale golf course conference room for $1000 on March 2nd.

                                    Go Fund Me proposal - Greg

$8000 goal – $4000 for this year, $4000 for next year.


February 28th – kick off video and send it to parents

March 5th, picture night at Kinard after practice, part of the second video

March 9th, player reminder calling party??

March – April, possible incentives are – If you donate this week, you get a free hat, next week, dinner coupon, etc.

                                    Parent Meetings on Feb 28- all

Meet the coaches

Have computers available so parents can pay fees online. We’ll also accept and encourage check payments.

Tailgating Event – Saturday, March 17th for the Regis games at French.

New Business-            Silent Auction Items for Dueling Pianos


Cascade R, $100 box wine set, Lobos custom Lacrosse Gloves $160

                        Nolan Drop – Shooting clinic ($75) 90 minutes?


$800 for Team posters


Meeting Minutes from Board Meeting: 1/9/18 7:07pm Call to order

Received decals cost $7.00

40 kids at Mondays practice at the Edge (Chris should do a roll call)

Marty Drybread left to coach JV Windsor

Chris can hire up to 11 coaches

· Lisa recommended Harry Smith-started Adrenaline is sub-ing for PSD


March 3rd is scrimmage at Kent Denver. Thursday, March 8th is first game at Windsor.

Need to have 5 practices before the 1st game per rules

Tryouts start 2/26 M, T, W

Picture day 3/5 and 3/6? Greg will ask Chris. Players will be on 2 different fields.


Need to be done by Youth Day when all teams are at French Field 4/7

Expecting $8500 is Ad sales

Spring Break

24 players have paid. 3/9 payment due $500. Trilogy coordinates a lot of the program.

Lamberts are going. Deadline for sponsorship is 2/16.


Greg set up a GoFundMe (they take 7.5%) Goal is to raise $8000 for Boosters. Greg’s brother to do the video. Launch GoFundMe at the kick off and end it on Senior night.


Need restaurant fundraisers: Panda Express, Illegal Petes

Dasani Water (Lisa Spence found a source)


Rob Deakin will contact someone from the website (Sports Athletics)


Millie’s idea-Let’s combine or turn, the Spaghetti dinner into the face off dinner and have it the last week of March! Here are list of reasons I like this idea:

1. One less night that the boys have to be out, and one less thing that the boosters has to coordinate.

2. It gets everyone excited for the season, in a fun environment.

3. If all goes well this could be our only fundraising event. And having it right out of the gates people are excited and want to help. If it doesn’t go well we know that we need to add more fundraising.

Christine’s idea Maybe we can move the spaghetti dinner up this year or come up with another group to prepare the meal.


Meeting adjourned 8:10


What we came up with:

March22nd Fun-draiser at the Rio

We think a Thursday night would work great and saves us the cost of renting the room.

There are no Friday/Saturday nights available in March – already booked.

There would be no rental fee for the room since it’s a Thursday – we may need to rent a few tables – it sounds like the RIO has some tables and linens available to use for free

Capacity is 275

The room would be available for 5 hours

Food: – 3 or 4 item appetizer buffet - $16 - $18/person

Drinks: - The RIO can host a cash bar and we can provide a few donated pony kegs ourselves. Drink tickets would cost $7 if we wanted to offer wine, beer or margs.

To simplify things – we want to just have a cash bar available and we can serve donated beer for free. The Rio can’t let us sell donated beer but it can just be an added perk.

Carla Menetre is fairly confident she can get several kegs donated from New Belgium

Ticket costs: - I propose that we charge $40/person and not offer alcohol as part of the ticket but have the RIO run the cash bar.

Entertainment: -

Silent auction items that are donated by players/families and boosters.

Dueling Piano Event – cost would be around $1,500

Gretel has several contacts from Denver who are professional and put on a really fun show

Live Auction – could auction off players to work or teach clinics to younger kids

Potential Income:

Assuming 200 guests

$8,000 Ticket Sales at $40/person

$1,000 Silent/Live Auction sales

-$1,500 Piano Players or Entertainment cost

-$3,200 Food cost ($16/person)

$4,300 Net Income


I also think we need to set a number of tickets for each player to sell. Ericka mentioned that the football team had to sell 6 tickets. Maybe we could require 4 per player and 6 from families that have two players.

One thought, although I know it cuts profits. Perhaps we could sell the tickets $40 each or $75 per couple. I think $75 per couple just sounds nice. It may even encourage single parents to ask other singles to go with them who wouldn't have otherwise thought of attending.


Lobos LAX Booster Meeting Minutes 10/17/17

Board members in attendance: Greg Evans, Millie Martinez, Jim Drop, Sue Drop, Rob Deakin, Steve Balmer, Carla Pasetti (secretary for Lisa Spence) Christine Winkler,  Introductions next time for the freshman parents (?)


Meeting called to order at 6:06 pm.

Treasurer not in attendance therefore no treasurer’s report

Greg asked for last meeting feedback:

· Meeting went well

· Need more Freshman parents to attend more specifically Vipers B team

Helmet order (10 Helmets minimum)

· Order the S model

· Takes 14 days

Spring Break

· Deposit money due to Trilogy (Greg took care of that)

· Offers made to players in November/December (need a coach)

· Southwest Airlines final payment due around January 15-19

· Last year 27 on Varsity

Coach Discussion

· Will Cantwell coach of Thompson Valley is out. He is very loyal to his TV players.


· Greg wants to have a parent meeting to showcase fundraising. Decided on Wednesday, November 15th 6:00pm (?) Fundraising meeting and Meet the Coach hopefully

· Steve Balmer brought up banners-companies would give $300

· Lobos lax has done programs in the past (some sponsors have not paid yet?)

· Coupon books

· Posters of the team with sponsors on the bottom

· Sue to look at chocolate bars as a fundraising option boys can do

· King Soopers cards are great!


Laxworld having an online sale 60% off everything!

Incentivizing volunteering:

· Food allocation must be paid $80

· A cost structure was presented and discussed although needs more discussion.

· Concessions

Online team orders from GoJo and Loyalist will be up soon for Team Wear

No Coach update


Communications will go to Rob then he will send an email or post on Lobos website.

Discussion about Group me vs. Teamsnap

· All agreed Teamsnap is a better app but will have to wait for the new coach.

Committees should get together in smaller groups and divide work.


October 4th Parent Meeting Recap




Boosters Meeting Minutes

April 1, 2015


In Attendance:  Susan Foran, Donia Anderson, Kris Baer, Lisa Spence, Heather West, Andy Martinez, Sheri Rock, Suzie Klinger, Scot Wilczewski


Treasurer’s Report: by Susan Foran: 

King Soopers account is currently $2,029.90

Rebate check for player reimbursement was $5,964.04 for the Spring season.

Of this money, $4,732.69 went to players and $1,231.35 went to scholarship donations.  (Scholarship donations come from families who no longer play FCU lacrosse or from coaches.)

We have 11 cards to sell.  March’s rebate:  $422.75.  YTD rebate:  $1,227.75.


Lacrosse checking account balance is $943.94.

A donation to the BOD was made of $5,000.  This money is used towards the cost of the spring season.  

Deposits have been made from the Program and from Yard Signs.


It was decided that our current bank accounts need to be closed and reopened with the correct EIN numbers.


Senior Night: by Donia Anderson

Gifts for the seniors include:  key chains, ornaments, shorts, and a framed picture of the players’ Senior Spotlight.  Moms will get a pin to wear.  Presentation of Senior Players will take place during half time.  Senior Night is Friday, May 1st.


Awards Night: by Lisa Spence

Event will probably be catered.  Ideas shared about passing “the torch”  from seniors to juniors.  Awards night will be Monday, May 11th.


Viper Pride Day: by Scot Wilczewski

All three teams will play on the same Saturday, May 2nd.  The food will be simpler than previous years; probably hot dogs, chips, fruit, desserts and drinks.  This will be easier to maintain quality and to prepare for.  FRHS will provide tables and garbage cans. 


Nominations were made for Boosters for the 2015/2016 Year:


President:  Christine Winkler

Vice President:  Hope Frane

Secretary:  Heather West and Suzie Klinger  (Heather might run for the BOD)

Treasurer:  Susan Foran

Fund Raising:  Kris Seen


Other discussion

Next BOD meeting is on April 7th

Research is being done into training for coaches.





February 4th Boosters Meeting

Because our last meetings have been so large, I thought it would be beneficial to break into committees for this February Boosters Meeting so that more ideas could be shared and more work could be accomplished during our meeting.  It would allow for parents to be more involved.  Our turnout, however, was not very large.  I propose moving the meeting back to The Garlic Knot for our March Boosters Meeting.  We can still break into groups to continue work on the upcoming programs and events.

The following Boosters Members will be chairing these Spring 2015 events:

2015 Official Program Sponsorship:  Kris Baer

Spirit Wear:  Jim Drop

Awards Night:  Hope Frane

Senior Night:  Donia Anderson

The Boosters is still looking for someone to chair Viper Pride Day and to coordinate Team Parents.